Usher’s Vision Statement

Our vision is to promote continuous peace and serenity

in the sanctuary by the fulfilling of God's purpose through service to others.

Our goal is to ensuring the comfort of all who come through our doors by greeting everyone in the name of Christ Jesus and ensuing that their needs are met.

We believe that Ushers are the forefront of all Ministries.  Ushers are the very first people to be seen when entering into the Church.  It is our duty to ensure the best possible first impression.  We maintain that attitudes are contagious, and we are happy to serve in the house of our Lord.  We believe that unity is detrimental to our very foundation as an effective Usher Board.  It is crucial for Ushers to be sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit, and be watchmen.  We focus on following our Shepherd as God leads, by being on one accord, and by keeping watch that all things are decent and in order.

Usher Board